Moving, plan on finishing school year with homeschool: Grades? Quarter Credit?
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    Default Moving, plan on finishing school year with homeschool: Grades? Quarter Credit?

    We will be moving with a month to seven weeks left in the school year at our current public school. One daughter is in eighth grade and one in ninth. Not sure what this will lead to next year, but will for sure finish this year as a home school. I need some suggestions on how to do this? Can I give my daughters grades that will register on GPA should they reenter public or private school. If not, how will a non-graded semester effect future GPA (especially for my ninth grader)? We are waiting on a job promotion/relocation and will likely move within a week of the decision. How should I interact with my kid's current teachers. There are no current issues in our relationship with the school. Should we cooperate on the remaining material? Buy the books? Many questions.

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    `Hi modberg,

    You will need to check the homeschool laws in the state you are moving to. While homeschooling is legal in all 50 states, the laws are not all the same.

    I wouldn't worry about telling the school you are going to homeschool, it is a private decision. Lots of public school teachers and administrators look down on homeschooling. As far buying the books, that is your decision, if the school sells the books. Many do not sell them because they are state property and can't be sold. Your child would not have an ungraded semester because they completed all but the last 4-7 weeks, so there are grades.

    Let's Homeschool High School is a wonderful site for you to explore. It is full of helpful articles, free downloads, templates, guides, and so much more. They also have a forum there.

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