New to High School Homeschooling
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    Question New to High School Homeschooling

    Let me start out with introducing myself. My name is Theresa and I have 2 sons with aspergers who have social issues, but not academic ones. They thrive on learning, but often get picked on in the regular school sitting because they talk and act like adults instead of children. I am new to high school homeschooling (new to doing it myself that is). I have done K-12 online public school and Keystone online public school in the past. Loved the K-12 (but it doesn't so high school in my area), hated the Keystone online public school. A friend referred me to this site and what I have seen so far, I like. My question is this; does anyone here do high school homeschooling in the state of TN? If so what are the rules? I can't get a straight answer anywhere on how it works in TN. When I start my sons on this, how what do I do to begin? Am I supposed to let the school district know? How is the yearly testing done for kids taught at home? I am really interested in going the T4L route, but need more answers to be sure I am following procedure. If no one here lives in TN or knows how the rules are here, is there a place you can suggest that tells me the guidelines without making it so convoluted that it becomes crazy to understand? Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions you can give me!

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    Hi Theresa! Great to have you here. Have you checked out the Tennessee State Forum? I know there is information over there that should help you get started. Also, check out the Special Needs forum. Someone over there might have just the answer you are looking for! Don't hesitate to ask questions, there are a lot of helpful people out there
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