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    My 9th grade dd will be using it for science. She is a vocal music student and music is what she will be majoring in college. She thinks Science is boring & just needs a get-it-done Science...she's not STEM oriented. Will T4L's Physical Science alone be sufficient for a high school credit & to do well enough for ACT tests? TIA.

    Are there labs included?

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    I can't speak for ACT testing, but yes, the physical science course would be 1 high school science credit. At least I would count it as such. I am putting together my son's transcripts, so it would definitely count in my book. My son did Biology last year for his 9th grade science, and is doing the physical science course this year. Here is the entire physical science course description, so you can look for lab info. If there are not labs laid out for you, you can find TONS of online lab simulations online.
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