Placement... 8th or 9th???
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    Smile Placement... 8th or 9th???

    I am trying to figure out where to put my daughter for classes when we sign up Friday. She is 8th grade. Are the courses advanced? A little easy? Do I have to sign up under the high school option for her to have access to the 9th grade coursework? I would love to hear others opinions on placement.

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    Hello, Bookluvr! A student who is using even one high school course is considered "in high school" for account purposes. You will pay the high school rate, but you can substitute in some eighth grade courses to take the place of any high school courses you feel she isn't yet ready for.

    If she has never used Time4Learning before, I might start her in the eighth grade curriculum. That way, she can get used to how the program works before things get challenging. The eighth grade lessons tend to be shorter than the high school lessons (except middle school science), with a running time of approximately fifteen minutes (compared to approximately half an hour for most high school lessons). You can always convert her to the high school level later (while retaining some of her eighth grade courses, if you like). You can change grade levels or courses as often as you need to. Your student doesn't have to "finish" any certain amount of work first.

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