So my nephew is 15 and currently in the 9th grade. He recently left public school to finish up high school in homeschool. They had an IEP for him in school, and his last report card stated "He is working well with his IEP and is currently on pace with his 4th grade reading and comprehension". I am flabbergasted. He recently decided to stay with us until he finishes school because his mother doesn't pay attention to him and is more concerned with her personal life than she is with her kids.

So before I go into a long story...I currently have him in English 1, but am quickly realizing that his reading comprehension is way, way behind. My questions are 1) Are there any programs/extras that we can use to help him increase his reading comprehension and 2) How do I make sure he completes the high school work, while increasing his comprehension when he is so far behind. I know he "needs" the English credits if he plans to go to college (his current plan is military), but his lack of comprehension is going to hinder him from really learning the work in English 1.