Quizzes don't tell correct answers
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Thread: Quizzes don't tell correct answers

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    Question Quizzes don't tell correct answers

    I'm actually a student who just started T4L this week. I noticed that when I take lesson quizzes they don't show the answers for the ones I got wrong and how to solve them which is really frustrating because most of the time I can't understand why my answer in wrong! This is just for math and chemistry. Is there a way the T4L staff could possibly show the problems worked out or just highlight the right answer?

    Just curious to see if anyone else isn't happy about that.

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    Hi Shayla,

    There isn't an answer key for the quizzes or tests because the they are actually comprised of a huge bank of questions so that if you need or want to retake a test, you will not get all the same questions again. In other words, kids can't just memorize the test after taking it once and then just take a repeat. The grade, if graded, will also be an average of the scores.

    If you have some problems you need help figuring out, try posting the question here on the forum and see if anyone can help you figure it out. I would also suggest going back over the lesson parts that show the type of problem you are struggling with. Watch the video lesson again if it has one, or redo the lesson. You might have just missed something when viewing it the first time.

    There is a facebook group for T4L high school users. I am not sure the name, but you might try searching for it. You can also check out the Let's Homeschool High School student forum and post questions there to see if someone can also help figure out questions and show you how to work them.
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