Reading Comprehension Exercises
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    Question Reading Comprehension Exercises

    Hi all,

    My son (and I) are increasingly frustrated that he is expected to practically learn by heart the contents of a short story/poem/novel (HS English 1) prior to doing associated comprehension exercises. Now, he is good at reading comprehension (he is an Aspie, so idioms and metaphors do confuse him, but apart from that, he is good at this type of thing), but such activities usually let you refer to the passage to which they are referring when a quiz is to be done.

    Are we missing something? Is there some way to have the reading passage available for referring while going through a comprehension quiz? It seems a terribly wrong thing to do, to expect T4L students to have to recall EVERYTHING in a passage!

    Thank you in advance for any responses.

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    We have been printing the lectures (There is a T - stands for transcript - in the bottom right hand corner) and taking notes. Let's face it - this is high school - they are supposed to be taking notes! If anything, it's good practice.

    But, it would be helpful to be able to recall the reading passage......

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