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    Default right amount of work

    How do I know if my 10th grader is doing enough work each day? He wants to do one subject a day, is this ok? I am lost. Don't know if we are on track or not - just started last week

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    What I do for our kids I take how many lessons and I divide by how many days they will be homeschooling for that year. This will let me know how much work on each subject that they will need to do each day to finish by the end of the school year.
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    I've created detailed plans for social studies and science and then another schedule with all the other subjects. My son is in school for about 4 hours a day. We do 4 subjects each day. He likes the variety. We alternate social studies and science. We have accelerated schedules for social studies and science because I planned to do 2 units this year. So I think he is probably a little extra busy. We also have a few things a week we do outside the home. Mini fields trips, even if it is just a walk in the park. Gives him a little break and we talk about things related to where we are and what we are doing.

    That being said, we are super flexible. Going ahead of the schedule and falling behind the schedule but we always manage to get back on track. It is as hard or as easy as you need it to be. I was overwhelmed when I first started and made a super amounts of adjustments to the schedule until we found what works for him.


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    If you use the planner, shouldnt it divide the lessons up accordingly? I am trying to figure this out also. How do you ( or why) do a detailed plan? Can you pick and choose?

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    As teacher my experience tells me that each child has their own way of studying and what works for one may not do so for others. Still out of all suggestions I think calculating the number of topics per day / hour works better. It also makes the student aware of the amount of workload. Other wise chances are either they work faster than required or go slack.

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    The planner evenly distributes the entire "year's worth" of curriculum among the weeks between the start and ends dates that you decide on. If your start and end dates are less than nine months apart, your student will end up with a lot of work to do each week, unless you choose the option of selecting your own lessons to include. You can click only certain lessons, only certain chapters, or only a certain range of lessons to include in your plan.

    Here are detailed instructions for using the Activity Planner.

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    Default Re: right amount of work

    Is it correct that the average student would be comfortable completing t4l "chemistry" in one academic year? Is the same true for all the classes or are some design d to be for a semester? Is this type of info in the discriptions?

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