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    Hi there!

    I am interested in the idea of using T4L for science, but my son needs at least two years of "lab" science, which I assume means experiments. Do your high school science courses come with a suggested list of activities? If not, do you know of a kit of high school level lab experiment list that might work?



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    Hi, Allison. I looked up YouTube videos of people doing various experiments for my own kids. We did an occasional experiment ourselves, and we did purchase a frog dissection kit online so they would have that experience.

    When you say your son "needs" two years of labs, do you mean that a college he is interested in attending will want to see that on his high school transcript, or are you using a charter school or some other school option that is requiring the labs? If you are homeschooling, then YOU decide what your child needs to do to graduate from your family's home school. Some parents whose children have previously been in public high school assume the public high school graduation requirements will carry over into homeschooling and are relieved when they learn they can design their school's graduation requirements around their own student's interests and future plans. Every school will have its own graduation requirements.

    There is not a kit of labs to go along with the Time4Learning science curriculum. Here's an older thread about science labs.

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