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Thread: Skipping quizzes...

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    Question Skipping quizzes...

    I need some advice about the quizzes. I feel like it is taking too long for my daughter to complete both the activity and lesson quizzes. Is there anyone that skips the quizzes? Or doesn't do both activity "and" lesson quizzes? When we started, we did all of them, but now I am thinking of skipping quizzes and focusing more on the lesson and chapter tests. I want to make sure though, that I make the best decision for my daughter to learn the lessons. I just felt she was becoming overwhelmed with the time it took each day to complete everything.

    Thanks so much for your help,
    Capp Mom
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    I have had my son start by taking a quiz. If he did well, score/grade wise, then there is no need for him to do the lesson. The great thing about T4L is that it can tailored to each family's needs, so I would say that sure you could skip quizzes and just have her do the chapter tests. I have never done that though. Hopefully some of the other board members will chime in!
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    We have been using T4L for almost 8 years, over that time we have gone from elementary school and into high school. My daughter is in 9th this year. My daughter is allowed to skip lessons and take quizzes. If she makes a 90% on a quiz without having done the lesson, we call it good enough and move on. If she scores less than 90% I her to either go back and do the lesson and retake the quiz, or figure out which questions she got wrong and go research the answers. As she has entered high school I have more of a problem letting her skip lessons, but so far it seems to be working out.
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    We only do the activity quiz if I feel my son is struggling with the material. If not, we just do the lesson quizzes and chapter tests.
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