Starting mid year - tips please 9th grader
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    Default Starting mid year - tips please 9th grader

    Hi all,

    We are relatively new to homeschooling due to some health issues. We tried Connections Academy this year and though it is a great program it was confusing because we started late. My daughter is not motivated so a very rigorous program is not a good plan. We are coming from a very rigorous private school last year.

    She is in the 9th grade.

    since we are starting over mid year - I was thinking of having her start with taking quizzes in each class until she gets to a point where she can't proceed. Is that crazy? I suspect that in literature it would not work unless she happened to have read the material already. One of the problems with Connections Academy was navigating all of the things we didn't HAVE to do. I want to streamline it for her so she does not become overwhelmed. Quite frankly we are teaching to pass the SAT and nothing else at this point. Maybe next year we can add other subjects but I am just planning on doing the minimum this year.

    She is not receptive to help from me so I need to keep it simple.

    Thanks for any suggestions!


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    Default Re: Starting mid year - tips please 9th grader

    Hi, Elizabeth - One of the things I love about T4L is the ability to do just what we want. We have also used Connections in the past, but didn't even last a full year.

    It's not crazy to start with quizzes to see where she should start. Many actually suggest it!

    I think your daughter will love the flexibility and being able to TRULY go at her own pace.

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    Default Re: Starting mid year - tips please 9th grader

    I also have a 9th grader (along with several other grade levels LOL!) I hope your daughter is continuing to handle the transition well. I have one who is a *very* independent learner which can prove to be difficult at times! We worked to help her find her own passion for learning again!

    While I know you are already immersed in learning, this article may offer some helpful reminders for both of you to try! 4 Ways to Manage a Midyear Homeschool Transition

    Stop back by and share how things are going!

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