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    When do you all think is the appropriate time to start prepping your teenager for collage entrance exams? Do you think sophomore to get a good start? Most people I know usually do the junior year.

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    My own, very personal, opinion as a homeschool mom is that a student should need minimal "test prep." The whole purpose of the tests is to assess what they have learned throughout their many years of education. Information learned during test prep is often forgotten shortly after the test, and it can result in your student being recommended courses for which they are not truly ready.

    With my own kids, I just did the best I could to teach them and then, a couple days before their college entrance exams, we looked some sample tests up online, so they could get a feel for how the questions would be worded and the types of questions they might be asked. This wasn't "cramming" for a test. It was practical information, so they wouldn't score poorly due to not understanding the directions they were given. For example, some students are confused when given a sentence and asked to click on the incorrect part. (Should they click on each word or just a general area in the sentence? If they click once, will they be able to change their mind and click again? and so forth.)

    My kids have used Time4Learning since 2006 and five so far have attended or are attending college. I take them to our local community college at age 16 for entrance exam testing.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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