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    This is our 3rd year using T4L and we love it. I have 2 in high school. My son is in 11th grade and my daughter is in 9th grade. I am interested in learning more about Time4Friends. I know what it is and how to activate it. My son hasn't shown a lot of interest in T4F, but my daughter has. I just would like more information about T4F safety; how it is monitored, the chat feature, what is allowed and not allowed, etc... Any information is greatly appreciated!


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    Hi, Stacy! Time4Friends is moderated by individuals who all log on at different times of day. This increases the chance that any objectionable posts will be noticed and deleted as soon as possible. Time4Friends is such an active community that it would be impossible to check every single interaction, so we do rely on the members themselves to report anything they think might be unacceptable in the community. The reports are looked at and acted on at least once a day.

    Since it's a high school community, we try to allow the students some latitude in what they post. Some discussions that might not be appropriate for younger students are appropriate for high schoolers. We do expect any debates to be kind and respectful, but students express a variety of opinions on things such as religion, politics, and other sensitive issues.

    We do not allow "adult" material, profanity, or bullying.

    The most important thing that helps keep Time4Friends safe is that every, single person on there is legitimately verified to be a current student using the Time4Learning high school curriculum, or a moderator. Parents can log in to their parent accounts to view the community, but even parents can't post or interact with the students. So, you don't have to worry that the 13-year-old girl your student has made friends with is really an adult or worse.

    There is a private messaging and private chat system. These messages are not monitored, unless someone reports a message they have received. We do have the ability to read a reported "private" message and take action if necessary. "Action" might mean warning the student or banning them from the community.

    Here are the terms of service: Time4Friends is a community for students, age 13 or over, who are currently using at least one Time4Learning high school course. Students meeting this criteria will automatically have access to Time4Friends, unless the parent has disabled access within the parent login.

    Students must take care to keep their posts and responses family-friendly. Although the administrators and moderators of Time4Friends will attempt to keep objectionable material off this site, it is impossible for us to review all content, images, and videos.

    The owners of the site may manage or amend any post, photo, or video for any reason. They may also delete or ban any IP address or user (including those of active Time4Learning members) for any reason. Members understand there is great variation in parental opinion regarding material appropriate for minors, and that Time4Friends will use their broadest judgment in determining whether to disallow certain content. (This means the student may encounter or participate in discussions with other students concerning education, politics, religion, or other topics that he or she may not agree with.)

    Parents and students understand that messages express the views of the author, and not necessarily that of Time4Learning or its staff, and that no content should be taken as professional advice.

    Parents should, of course, remind their students to never put personally identifying information online. I tell my own kids that they can reveal their state, but not their town . . . their first name, but not their last . . . and never to divulge a phone number or arrange to meet anyone. You probably have additional concerns that you will want to discuss with your own child.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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