Transferring Time4Learning High School credits to public high school?
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Thread: Transferring Time4Learning High School credits to public high school?

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    Default Transferring Time4Learning High School credits to public high school?

    My son wants to go to public high school and would like to receive transfer credits for his Time4Learning high school courses. Has anyone has success transferring T4L high school credits? Any tips appreciated.


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    Default Re: Transferring Time4Learning High School credits to public high school?

    Hi. Until high school, most public schools will simply enroll a previously homeschooled student at the grade level that corresponds to their age.

    Public high schools do not have to accept non-public-school work for credit. There are no laws saying what they must or may not accept, so it is often up to the opinion of the individual school employee you are speaking with. Some schools will allow your student to test to "prove" their credits. Others just won't accept homeschool credits and require the student to take public school courses.

    If the first person you speak with will not allow "testing out", then see if there is someone else you can talk to. It can be a real challenge, but try asking something like the following: "I homeschooled my child according to (your state's) homeschool laws. If he can pass YOUR biology course's final exam, can he be awarded credit for the course with a grade based on his exam score?" In reality, this can be challenging to arrange, but some parents have lucked out and found a school employee that will agree to this. Try the school counselor that helps students arrange their course schedules, the principal, or even the superintendent of the school district. Find out if the school routinely accepts private school work for credit. If they do, that's another important point you can make, as private schools do not have to employee certified teachers or follow a certain curriculum.

    Most experienced homeschoolers will advise parents to be sure they are going to homeschool their student all the way through high school before beginning their ninth grade year. You will want to be very sure of your student's ability to "prove" their credits before you embark on the battle. :P
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