Trying to get high school credits for my son.
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    Default Trying to get high school credits for my son.

    My son is now enrolled in high school and they are not counting the credits for home school. Could someone explain to me how I can get his home school courses credited to high school?

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    Hi, Tammy. Schools vary in their willingness to accept homeschool work for credit. Sometimes it's a matter of the specific individual you speak to, so it helps to ask to talk to someone else if the first person won't budge. There are definitely cases where a school will just not recognize homeschool work, although some are willing to look at your documentation and either accept it at face value or allow your student to take a test to receive credit for a class.

    Schools don't actually have to award credit for private school work, either . . . but it seems that those students don't have as much trouble getting credit for their work as previously homeschooled students.

    You might try printing the scope and sequence for any high school courses he has completed. Add a report for each subject that encompasses the entire time he worked on that subject, with a percentage grade. Print any completed printable tests and quizzes. Add the worksheets and writing assignments that you printed and graded. Separate this into file folders by subject (Algebra, Biology, and so forth).

    Arm yourself with these, along with information about the curriculum used by Time4Learning. It was developed by Compass Learning, for use in public schools. If they are familiar with Compass Learning, they might be more willing to look at your student's work. Here is a page about Time4Learning's affiliation with Compass Learning. (Compass only provides the curriculum to schools. T4L has purchased a license that allows them to offer it to individuals.)

    There are no guarantees, but maybe with these tools you can get them to accept at least some of his work for credit. If not, you might want to explore the Let's Homeschool High School site.

    Good luck!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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