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Thread: are we doing it right

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    Default are we doing it right

    I hope I can explain this right and don't sound to stupid. This is my first year to home school my son he is 15 and will be in 10th grade. As of right now we are doing the free trial of T4L. My question is this. So far we have only reviewed Science. He logs in watches a video takes a quiz watches another video takes another quiz and then a big test. Is that it? How many videos,quizs ,and test should he do a day? The cover school that my states requires only requires me to turn in records upon graduating. Is there somewhere on T4L I can go to to get grades like in a report card form or do I need to print out each subjects grades and configure them into a report card myself. Sorry to ask so much.

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    Hi there! It's possible that after each video is a quiz. That won't happen all the time, but the quizzes are to make sure they are retaining what they are watching, prior to the "chapter test."

    As far as how many he should do a day, well that is something that you and your son can set. My son will blow through science lessons all day, if I let him, lol. Alternatively, it could take him 2 hours to do one math lesson. It just depends on the material and the day. If you wanted to see how many he should do a day, as an average, you can plug it in the activity scheduler. You can find that in your parent log in. Just put the start day of your school year, and your end day of your school year, then click on "select all" for both the subject, and the activity type. Once you click on "generate," you can print out your report that will tell how many of each subject/activity he should do a day to complete ALL of the material by your year end.

    Also in your parent log in area, are your student reports. There you can print out your son's grades/scores.

    Here is an excellent Hints and Help page that help you even more, with both the activity scheduler and student records.

    Good luck. And never worry about asking too many questions! That's why we are here!
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    Thank you for all your information.
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