what to print and have available looking toward college
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    Default what to print and have available looking toward college

    My daughter just started this and is in 9th grade. I am wondering what would be the best approach to having a portfolio prepared for college. Has anyone created one? How did you do yours? What information, reports etc did you print and include?

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    Here's some great info on making a portfolio when using Time4Learning. Most colleges aren't going to be interested, though. They want a transcript instead, and they will be mostly interested in entrance exam test scores. The best place to learn about homeschooling high school is Let's Homeschool High School.com . They have transcript templates, too.

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    Check with any colleges your child is contemplating. No university we looked at would accept a portfolio from a homeschooler within a more objective transcript. A homeschool student might get that type of transcript by taking CLEP tests, doing dual-enrollment with a local community college classes, or taking online classes through the state or county.

    On the other hand, it's a great time for kids (and parents) to consider 2 years of community college, then university. The colleges are better than ever, and most people are worried about student. So that's what we're doing.
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