Where are printable quizzes/tests???
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    Unhappy Where are printable quizzes/tests???

    I can see the printable lesson quizzes and activity quizzes in the "lesson planning" area of T4L (requires parent login), but those have the answers already marked. And since the text is all images for some reason, I can't just remove those green checkmarks.

    I'm taking my 16-yr-old daughter completely offline now (due to cheating--again!!!), but since I want to finish the year without having to buy all new (print) curriculum, I'm having to login to her account, open each quiz, and either copy and paste size 18 pt. font (!) questions/answers one at a time or type each question and answer into a new document.

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    Default Re: Where are printable quizzes/tests???

    Hi. Time4Learning is an online curriculum. There are occasional printable worksheets to provide variety, but most daily work and all tests/quizzes are online. You can only print them after they have been completed. (You can print completed tests/quizzes from your child's reports by clicking on their score.)

    It sounds like you are accessing the answer keys, which are provided in case there is a question about something your child answered incorrectly.

    There are a variety of controls you can install on your computer so you can either limit what she can access or look when she is finished to be sure she hasn't accessed something you don't want her to use. She probably knows how to clear her browsing history, so you won't want to just rely on that.

    You didn't ask, but sometimes parents decide to change their expectations after they try a few of the tests/quizzes themselves. I have allowed my own kids to take notes (a very valuable skill to practice) and use their notes for most tests and quizzes, and I often let them look up the answers. This is because I do not see any value in "memorizing" trivia just long enough to "pass" a test. If it is something that I still remember and have used during my adult years, then I figure they need to know it . . . but, chances are, most parents can't pass the tests and quizzes themselves and most students who do pass will not be able to do so a week later. Looking up the answers exposes them to the correct response and turns the tests into an additional learning experience.

    My personal style is to require mastery of math concepts and to make sure they have good reading comprehension skills. Other than that, I do not care if they have memorized all the bones in a bird or specific historical dates (although I want them to know that the westward movement in the U.S. took place mostly "in the 1800s" and that "so-and-so was president before the other guy" and general information of that type).

    This is just food for thought. Tests and quizzes (and Time4Learning's curriculum) were designed for public school use. Homeschoolers often have a different mindset, as well as the ability to customize what they want their child to learn, simply because they do not have as many students to manage. (The curriculum used by Time4Learning was developed by Compass Learning Odyssey, who only provides it to schools. Time4Learning has acquired a license allowing them to offer it for family use. Time4Learning can't change the curriculum, but they have added things to make it easier or more fun for families to use, such as the tools in the parent dashboard, the playground/game room, etc.).

    Again, I'm just sharing my particular style. Good luck deciding what works for you and your family!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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