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    Default 7th Grade Spelling

    I am concerned with my childs spelling progression. Does anyone that has been in T4L for a while have any resources that I can use to keep my child up to date with his spelling (which is his worst subject other than math). I have looked on the intenet for help but always seem to be re-directed to the same website with no luck.

    Please help me if possible I am really concerned with this part of his schooling.

    I am a first time mom of home schooling and I am EXTREMELY lost in doing so.

    Thanks a million!

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    Have you tried there are all kinds of list on there or you can add your own list of words that your child is struggling on.

    We use a few times a week in addition to my son's extra spelling curriculum. We have issues w/ spelling too. We have been using the Even Moore Spelling workbooks. But we did not start that till after we passed the spelling section on LAext. (my son is on the 4th grade LA but he 11 yr)

    What I love about is you can create any list you want or you can use a list someone else has created. All for FREE. Now if you want to keep track of your son's progression you can join the premier membership. But we used the FREE one for a LONG time and was very happy with it.

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    Here is a web page about the time4learning Spelling words Spelling Words by Grade Level | Elementary and Middle School Spelling Words . Go to the left column & click 7th grade. It will show you the list of 7th grade Spelling words.


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    I think you could get some interesting reading or spelling materials for your kid. Once kid are interested in reading, spelling can improve quickly. They can learn how to spell in the process of reading.

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    You might try, "Sequential Spelling" ( AVKO Educational Research Foundation, Audio, Visual, Kinesthetic, & Oral a multi-sensory approach. ). It's a little pricey and I'd reccommend just buying the first book on ebay or albris to give it a try. It's a completely different way of teaching spelling and I think it lends itself to older students (grade 3/4 and up). You should give it at least 6mo. to see if it's helping.......and you could use it as a suppliment. good luck! deni.........
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