Advice for a single mom starting homeschool??
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    Default Advice for a single mom starting homeschool??

    This year I will be new to homeschooling. My son is going into 7th grade, and I pulled him out of school right before last year. I've been extremely unhappy with the public school system and have thought long and hard, and have made the decision to homeschool. I am a single mother with limited support from family and friends. I'm trying to figure out how to balance homeschool and still pay our bills. My son is 12 and although I let him stay at home by himself for a very limited time once in awhile, I am reluctant to have him stay at home during an entire shift at work. I know this is going to be extremely challenging, but I believe it's the best choice for me to homeschool him. Does anyone have any advice or stories to share??

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    Welcome to homeschooling and time4learning. I would suggest that you check out the Iowa Parent Forum. They will be able to help you with some of the legal hoops you have to jump through in Iowa. Perhaps you could find another homeschooling family who would be interested in providing child care in exchange for help with their children. Maybe a family with little ones who would love to have your child as a mother's helper or something like that. Know one says that school has to happen between 8 and 3. You could do your school time after dinner or on the weekends. I'm sure you will be able to work this out. Try posting on the Working Parents Forum. Perhaps they would be able to give you some suggestions as well.
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