Anyone else feel like they were being pressured to join a program? real or conn?
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    Default Anyone else feel like they were being pressured to join a program? real or conn?

    A while back when I was doing research about homeschooling and still rolling it and mulling it over in my head. ( still am but gonna give summer school a try first) I had e-mailed a few home school programs and charter schools about there process.

    There was this one it seemed 2 minutes after i pressed send my phone rang. I picked it up and I was I asked for. They identified themselves as the school I just wrote to. They told me they would answer any questions I had. I asked quite a few. I realized after awhile none of my questions were being answered but kept getting reassured the school could handle any difficulties and accommodate my daughters learning style. When I asked how they did that being an online school I was basically told that the tutor/teacher would handle those needs through the internet. I asked if they gave a foreign language.YES then they said sure your daughter can take a foreign language through the school in your area or the local college. Oh do you provide funding for that? NO. Do you sign her up for that as part as the curriculum? NO
    Do you provide funding for the internet or at least provide a computer that can do the two way communication she would need for your program? NO
    The lady is still intent on trying to get me to sign up for the school asking me for credit card into before I can even reply. I am angry by now and laughing at her. Mam my child could not join your school even if I wanted her to because my computers board is broke and can not use a mic. " the mic comes with the headset in the prepackaged unit" NO I do not want to do your school
    Then my email gets tons of e-mails from them. They now go into spam folder. All telling me to be on the net at some specific time to answer any my questions when I decide to join there school.
    This was two weeks ago
    Today my phone rings again. They tell me oh we called thinking you would join now you got a chance to watch our expo. I tell her I did not watch the expo because I explained to the last person who called you do not have the services that would work for me and my daughter. Well if you change your mind give us a call.
    At least this lady did not pressure me but I am wondering how long its gonna be I am gonna regret checking that supposed homeschool operation out.

    I am not naming the school because I do not know maybe they are trying to be really helpful and I am too leery and untrustworthy.
    Anyone else have this experience? Did you give in or tell them off?

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    No, I have never had anything like that happen.
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    I'm sorry you are having such a bad experience. I have not had this happen with school programs. But I have had others do this. I finally told one guy that if he called me again I would sue for harassment. That did seem to at least slow the phone calls down. I don't even answer my phone now unless I know who it is. If the caller id does not tell me who you are I don't answer. Most people who are legitimate will leave a message.
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