Assigning specific lessons to meet a certain states standards.
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    Default Assigning specific lessons to meet a certain states standards.


    My name is Tom I am new to home schooling and Time 4 Learning. The problem I have discovered is finding something which complies with California standards. I noticed that 5th grade Social Studies did not match up with what California is teaching in the 5th grade and 8th grade doesn't even have it's own lesson plan. I did find the 5th grade lessons in 7th grade Social Studies.

    Is there some way I can assign my kids the lessons that meet the specific California's published standards or do I always need to always stand over them and make sure they are doing the ones to meet the standards.
    Is there a place in Time 4 Learning that publishes the correlation of Time 4 Learning and state standards.


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    If you want to assign specific lessons you can go to the activity scheduler. You access this by going through your parent login. It is at the bottom of the page. If you want your fifth grader to do seventh grade work you will have to go to the parent login and request that their grade level be changed to seventh grade. Time4Learning is a curriculum that is designed to meet most state standards. The Odessy Program is often used in public schools. I think you will find that what is taught in individual schools and school districts will vary greatly across the state.
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