Behind a grade level - Any advice on catching up?
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    Default Behind a grade level - Any advice on catching up?

    When my oldest daughter was in preschool, I noticed that she was a bit more babyish than her peers. We sent her to a private school with a mixed preschool-kindergarten class, and she just seemed to fit in better with the younger kids. She was perfectly capable of advancing to first grade (making straight A's, for what it's worth), but we felt she just wasn't mature enough. Now that we're homeschooling and she's acting her age, I'd like to eventually catch her up with her grade level. She'll be going into 3rd grade next year, but she should actually be in 4th.

    Any advice on how I can do that? Of course, I know that a lot of this will depend on her. She's either going to want to do this and work like crazy (her closest homeschool friend is a grade ahead of her) or just not care. If she just doesn't want to, I'm not going to make her. The only reason I'm concerned is she's starting to fit in with older kids, and if she's caught up maturity wise, why not catch her up grade wise, too?

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    If you really want to advance her a grade level you could increase her work load. Maybe just one or two extra lessons per day. It would take a bit of time to catch up but she could eventually do it. Another idea would be to have her do the chapter tests. If she can complete the test with an adequate grade, let her skip the work for that chapter. If she doesn't pass the test she can go back and do the work for the chapter and then test again. This way she is not repeating work that she already knows.
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