Can time for learning be used as a review for older students
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    Default Can time for learning be used as a review for older students

    Due to some difficult years...birth of child, heart surgery, loss of job, forclosure, etc...
    we are a bit behind!!! We're getting back on our feet and would like to use
    Time 4 Learning for catching-up, review and simply getting back in the game. Can we move at our own pace (4 kids)? Parents would you recommend this program for our circumstance?

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    Time4learning can definitely be used as a review for older students. There is no requirement that you finish a certain number of lessons by a certain date or anything like that. My son is in 2nd grade Language Arts Extensions, 3rd grade Science, and 4th grade Math, Language Arts, and Social Studies. He is a very reluctant reader, that's why I still have him in 2nd grade LAX. The science is my problem. I hate science so much I have a hard time doing it. But everything else he is in 4th grade where he should be for his age. We try to work 3 days a week. But if a field trip comes up that sounds like more fun we will forego t4l to do the field trip.

    I hoe your year is going much better than the past. We struggled last year as well. One of the great things about time4learning is that you can do what you want to do when you want to do it. No pressure.

    You could start by having your kids at the level you think they are. Let them try the final test on each unit. If they do well on the test let them move on to the next unit. If they don't do well, let them do the work for the unit and see how they do. If they are really struggling you can always move them back a year and see how that goes. If they breeze through all the tests, then move them up a year. Science and Social Studies are great for going back over the lower levels because you learn new things at each level. Enjoy.

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