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    Default Changing from T4L to public school?


    I took my daughter out of public school because our district was atrocious, I ended up teaching her most of the time anyway, and she was unsafe at the school (she didn't come in after recess once and no one went to look for her- in the FIRST grade)

    We're moving to a school district with a WONDERFUL reputation, fantastic student-to-teacher ratios, and one of my friends has raved about this school repeatedly. She's been home schooled two years in a row, and I'm planning on moving her to public in the fall.

    Kansas requires third graders in public school to do the state assessments, but I can't seem to find any information about whether she'd need the testing to go into public school.

    I'm also concerned if they test her she'll test badly... she does HORRIBLE with multiple choice tests, even when she knows the material.

    There are other things that I'm concerned about... things I've been unable to teach her. Her handwriting is awful, but even though she practices a lot, it doesn't seem to have gotten much better in the last 2 years. I've read books, bought workbooks, searched online, nothing I try has gotten her better at it.

    I'm going to continue T4L as a supplement as long as she needs the extra help, but I'm VERY nervous about her not fitting in. I'm going to schedule a time to go to the school next month (after they're not so busy and I can fit it into our schedule) but in the meantime I'm busy fretting about it.

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    I think going in to talk to the school is a great first step. I would take printouts of the work she has done over the last two years to show them where she is at. Some schools will put a student in at the level the parents say they are at. Then if it doesn't seem to be working out, they can move them up or down a level. Other schools test the new student the first few days of the new year to see where they seem most appropriate. When you go in to talk to the school you could ask them what their procedure is.

    As far as handwriting, that's a hard one. Some kids just have poor handwriting no matter what you do.

    I really don't know if the school will require the third grade testing before she enters their program or not. Again you will have to ask the school what their policy is. This is a major transition for you and your daughter. It's not wonder that you are fretting about it. I think the main thing to remember is that if it doesn't work out, you can always bring her home again. Some kids do very well in a public school setting. You'll just have to try it and see how she does.
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    Your daughter will do much better than you think she will! I just bet she knows way more than you even realize. As for her handwriting, she may some issues with muscle control. I wouldn't worry too much about the testing, besides all the worrying will not really be of much benefit--easy for me to say! LOL

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