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    I started homeschooling my 5th grader after the Thanksgivng break. I've come to realize that he is so far behind!! It's like the schools just passed him along. His grades never even got bad until the 5th grade. His behavior was getting worse and his grades were dropping, so I did what I felt was right.. and thank goodness I did! His math is barely at a 3rd grade level! He's 12 years old.. already a lot older than other 5th graders due to his birthday being late in the year and he was held back in kindergarten because off not being at the proper maturity levels. I need help. I'm so worried about his future. How do I get him on the fastrack to being where a 12 year old should be? I've dropped his Math, Science, and Social Studies to a 4th grade level... he does very well in 5th grade Language Arts & Extentions. I'm sick with worry...

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    Here's some good news: middle school can be used as a time of "catching up". Most children have already learned to read, write a paragraph, and do the four basic math functions by then. If yours hasn't, he has plenty of time before high school to catch up.

    Don't be in a huge hurry. That will put too much pressure on both of you. If he's at a third grade level in math, let him do the third grade level, at a normal pace. Next year, he might be a sixth grader doing fourth grade math. The following year, as a seventh grader, he might be doing fifth grade math, and he'll complete sixth grade math (which is challenging for many adults) as an eighth grader. That will prepare him to take a basic math class as a freshman (for kids who find math challenging) and leave three high school years to fit in some algebra or geometry. He'll be fine.

    This is from a homeschooling mom whose kids are math challenged: We took the slow-and-steady route and three of them have graduated from our homeschool and have done just fine in college algebra.

    It's good that you have him home, so you can provide some one-on-one tutoring and allow him to proceed at his own rate, without feeling he's a failure. Of course, this all assumes that math is actually challenging for him. If he's being lazy, that's another matter.

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    Thanks OP for asking this question and thank you, Kelly for the great answer!! I know it has put some of my fears to rest!!

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    Yes Great answer Kelly!!
    I agree try not to worry to much and force him to work a grade level he is not ready for. It is better to take him back a few grades and let him learn the work correctly.
    If you want him to catch up faster you could school year round. We personally school year round and really like the freedom of taking breaks when we want to and this allows the kids to work more at thier own pace .
    Please keep us updated about how he is doing
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    This is what happened to my son/sons when we pulled them from 6th and 5th grades. We already knew my older son was behind in Math, its his worst subject but we didnt realize HOW behind he was. I was very sad and angry for him. T4L really made a difference with him. We pulled him from 6th grade in Oct. and by June he was finishing and understanding Math for his grade level! It still isnt his best subject and we are kinda at a road block with it right now BUT..... I feel that pulling him was the best thing we did!
    HUGS and Happy Homeschooling to you!

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