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    Question Concerned about grades and reports

    We are new to Time 4 Learning, using for my 4th grade daughter. She has taken a few quizzes and I've been surprised to see that some of her grades are in the 70's and 60's. I've already moved her back to 3rd grade math for reinforcement and confidence-building (math is not her strength).

    Will Time 4 Learning have her automatically retake a quiz she does not pass (and frankly, I consider a grade in the 70's as not really passing)? Or do I need to monitor this closely enough so that she doesn't move on before she really understands the material?

    Also, is there a way to get email notifications on her progress, or do I need to log into her page every day to see what she did? And why can I only print out some quizzes, but not all of them (of the 7 quizzes she's taken so far, I can only print out 2 of them).

    Thanks for your comments/help/advice!

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    I wouldnt worry to much about being grades behind,When my daughter started out with T4L she also had to go back a grade..& still today she never gets 100% on any quiz all the time..Sometimes lessons have to be redone and quizzes too! we have been using T4L for 3 yrs now and she is now at grade level
    As far as your questions,Its up to you as the "teacher" to make sure she is passing ..You should be checking her work and tests before allowing her to move on...T4L will not automatically re quiz her.
    As far as I know there is No e-mail notifications ..Its up to you to make sure that she is progressing to your standards.
    IMO T4L is so much easier to use and less work on me as "teacher" over other book type curriculum,as it has everything you and your child needs.It helps by Teaching,Grading & record keeping. But ,it can not do Everything..So you will still need to instruct your child what to do that day,help if needed,check her progress and test scores and have her re-do and review as needed.
    You can choose to do this every day or once a week its all up to You..
    I personally do it on days she does her lessons.What I do on a typical school day is pull up her T4L acct. Click on the subject I want her to do and tell her how many of the lessons I want done.After she is done I ask her if she understood what she learned,ask if she got any wrong and the check if I feel it necessary.If she struggled or had questions, I answer them and try to show her her how.Then I have her re-do that lesson untill she gets it.
    As far as the printing issues...I am not sure why this is happening ,I recommend contacting T4L customer care and I am sure they can address this problem and fix it for you .
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    I posted on here before under quizes how I use them as a good way to judge if she is grasping the lesson or if she needs more review before moving on. When my daughter takes her quizes if she gets an 80 or below she has to review the lesson and I go over the material with her before she retakes the quiz. Yes, you do have to keep on top of it to make sure she doesn't move on too quickly. I do our schedule on a daily basis going over which lessons I want her to cover. If she finishes early and there is time at the end of the day, she has had no problems with that days lessons, passed all quizes, we move on to the next lesson in the subject of her choosing or I give her time in the playground.

    You could probably do this weekly but my concern would be that it would be difficult to go back so far if she needed help on one of the lessons. I'd rather review a lesson and make sure they grasp the material before moving onto the next lesson rather than going back a few days.

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