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    Default Do I simply write a letter to the school district to homeschool?

    Wanting to homeschool. Done the homework and joined Time4Learning for both our 3rd grader and out Pre-K. Now, what information do I need to provide to my daughter's school? I've read that all I need is a letter to the District. Any specific words/phrases I need to provide in my letter? Can i take her out of school tomorrow and then mail the letter?

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    Hi, Jess. Michigan looks pretty easy:

    1. A child is not required to attend a public school if:
    "The child is being educated at the child’s home by his or her parent or legal guardian in an organized educational program in the subject areas of reading, spelling, mathematics, science, history, civics, literature, writing, and English grammar."
    2. There are no requirements to notify, seek approval, test, file forms, or have any certain teacher qualifications. The burden is on the state to prove that the parents are not teaching their children.

    For other state-specific questions, you might want to join your state group (beneath the State Groups tab at the top of this page).

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