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    Default Do we actually really have to do each and every lesson to pass?

    I am getting so frustrated! We have multiple health issues we contend with on a daily basis; I have diabetes and fibromyalgia and 1 of the 2 I homeschool has epilepsy.
    In order for my kids to pass their grade, do they have to do each and every lesson? It gets kind of frustrating when there is so much repetition and they have already grasped the material...we want to move on!! lol

    Do we have to do each and every one?

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    What is your definition of "pass"?

    If it's having "mastered" printed on the lesson icons, your student simply needs to attain a score of 80% or more on the associated test for that to happen (in most lesson formats). They don't need to do the lesson activities at all.

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