A few questions from a newbie home/un-schooler in Michigan
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    Default A few questions from a newbie home/un-schooler in Michigan

    Hello. I'm 17 years old and consider myself unschooled. My mother decided to home school me, and she wasn't sure about the testing procedures in MI. She wanted to know if:

    1. Do we have to take a test before I begin to homeschool/unschool to determine where I am in terms of the basic subjects (English, math, History, etc...)

    2. How do we go about testing for my high school diploma? Do I register as a public school student and take the finals or do I go to a certain facility to take the test and receive my diploma?

    Also, we just moved to Portage, MI a few days ago from GA, and at my old school I was told that I had failed 9th grade math and the second semester of 11th grade math, too. I would really like to make up these classes at home, at my own pace and structure as tutoring in the past has not worked at all. Is there some way for me to go about doing this?

    Thank You,

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    Hi Alexia, Welcome to homeschooling. I would suggest you check out the Michigan Parent Support Forum. They would have more knowledge of Michigan laws. You also might find people in your area who are homeschooling. As your questions there and see what they have to say.

    Many homeschoolers who want a diploma take the GED test. It's not the same as a high school diploma but it works as well for jobs and colleges. Many homeschooled teens also take community college classes. Once you have a few of these under your belt you can transfer to a four year college without a high school diploma. Many community colleges accept students when they are 15. They usually restrict the number of classes you can take at one time. But it is a way to build up credits to transfer later on.

    Good luck in your journey.
    Kathi Homeschooling Mama to Twelve year old Dakota

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