first time homeschooling 1st grade
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    Default first time homeschooling 1st grade

    hi, I am about to take my daughter out of her school bc im tired of dealing with the problems I have been having with them and I am planning to homeschool her. she is in 1st grade. other than filling out the form with the school board and school, do I have to sign up for a special course thru the state/parish? I was told bc she is only in 1st grade, I could simply buy workbooks and such and teach her from there, and that I did not have to turn in any kinds of tests or anything. I want to make sure I do it the right way and not mess anything up for her bc eventually I do plan to put her back in school.

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    First let me welcome you to the wonderful world of homeschooling. As I read and understand the LA law, (as a mom and not as an attorney) your child is not required to attend school at all until she is 7 years old. After she turns 7 or the year in which she turns 7 you should file a letter with "the recorder
    of deeds of the county where the child legally resides, or to the chief school
    officer of the public school district where the child legally resides, a signed,
    written declaration of enrollment stating their intent for the child to attend a
    home school within thirty days after the establishment of the home school and by
    September first annually thereafter. The name and age of each child attending
    the home school, the address and telephone number of the home school, the name
    of each person teaching in the home school, and the name, address and signature
    of each person making the declaration of enrollment shall be included in said

    You have a choice of using the home study option or the nonpublic school option. With the nonpublic school option there is no need for testing or a portfolio.

    I would recommend that you join the Parent Forum for your state. They have a lot more experience with your state laws than I do. Just go to the drop down menu at the top of this page that says State Forums. Click on that and then click on your state. They should be able to help you with questions regarding your state law.
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