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    My son is doing 7th grade. We pulled him out of public school end of Nov. He started T4L right after. I put in start date and end date, there is so much to get through in 1 week, we are behind and overwhelmed completely...what can I do?

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    When you started this in November, did you start at the beginningof the curriculum? Or did you try to pick up where he left off in publicschool?
    Also your school year does not have to be the exact samelength as the public school year. Iím in Maryland and they like us to behomeschooling about 180 days or so, that leaves another 185 days in the year,there is no rule that says you can not continue instruction past the publicschool yearís end date.
    How many days a weekis your son working on this? And how many hours a day. We spend about 4.5 hoursa day on our work and sometimes we work 6 days if it seems like we are fallingbehind.

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    Also -- don't forget you can deduct the # of days your child attended school from the 180 (or whatever amount of days your state's requirement is... if any.)

    When you are trying to figure out how many lessons, it will depend on where in the grade level you feel you should start. Some parents find they needed to go back to the beginning to fill in learning gaps. Others may try to allow their kids to take the chapter tests until they find a good starting point.

    As Homeschool_Dad shared, you're in charge of the end date... as well as any breaks you may take along the way! You may find a year-round approach is a good fit for your family!

    This article has some additional ideas to help you ease into homeschooling:

    4 Ways to Manage a Midyear Homeschool Transition

    Stop back by and share how things are going for you!

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