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    Smile Help from kinder and grade 1 moms???

    I would like to ask if we take time 4 learning program for 6 years kid,should we also sit beside her when she takes her i am a busy lady,having infant.
    Guide me how i will manage that she learns herself from your program.only i will have to moniter many hours should she spent for kinder and grade 1?how you managed means how many hours for math and l.a?

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    Welcome! You may need to sit with her in the beginning to make sure she (and you) know how it all works. In the beginning, I sat with my little guy with the littler guy on my lap. In kindergarten and first grade, don't think in terms of hours (ugh) but in how many activities in each subject you would like to get done in a day. For these younger grades, it really doesn't take a lot of TIME. Go to the lesson plan for her age/grade and divide out how many lessons by how many days you will be home schooling and that will let you know approx how many lessons a day for each subject. We home school year round so I used 250 days to determine how many activities per subject per day. Make sense? I picked 250 because I wanted to account for days we were too busy to get online.

    Don't make it a job! This is something that both of you should enjoy. Let her go at her own pace (at the start) and see how things go! In no time you will hear her say, "I learned it on Time 4 Learning"!

    Good luck!
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