Help new to homeschool and they are driving each other crazy.
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    Default Help new to homeschool and they are driving each other crazy.

    This is the first year my kids homeschool. I really like the academic side of things so far. They are progressing and learning so much. However, they are EVERY different kids. They have always been praised for being well behaved and generally get along ok , but being near each other so much I guess has really started to irrate them. They have start snapping at each other and for the first time I caught them rolling around in a good old fashion tug o war fight on the floor when I went to the bathroom. I seperated them and have them work in different rooms and I float between the two to help to teach and help them out. However this is getting harder each day. They were never like this before. Yes we go out, yes they have church classes, and taekwondo classes,and they have friends they play with but those are also together. I can't afford to put them in additional classes separately so any suggestions???

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    Can you arrange play dates at separate times and places. Maybe there is another homeschooling mom who would welcome a child trade off for the afternoon, you take one of hers and she takes one of yours. Another thing is that they may just be working through the changes in their lives. Most people recommend a period of deschooling after taking kids out of public school. Let them work on things that are of special interest to each of them on their own without the other. Even if it is only a once a month class, let each of them have something that is just for them.
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