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    Wink Help- please! NEW HERE...

    Working out my lesson plan for my Kindergartner. She is waaayyyy ahead of the game in her curriculum. I don't know where to start her- I thought we were going to get some sort of guidance on this? Some sort of placement assessment? She's technically in K, but I started her in on the K level, and she was bored in 10 minutes. The first grade level is more where she is at, but I also notices there are tons more exercises in the first grade than in K? Do I just proceed and let her go at her pace, instead of worrying about trying to finish three times the workload for a first grader?

    Also, Do you do the reading comprehension in the 1st grade language arts lessons (Chapter 13) simultaneously? bc if not, then you wait until the end of the year to do any reading of the books?

    we are also supplementing with our own books, but- I'm not sure what is required by the state of Florida, although I'm sure she's already ahead of her age group...


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    If she is bored in every subject I would certainly move her ahead to first grade. Or you can move her in some areas and keep her in kindy in others if that's what she needs. My son is in second grade language arts extensions, third grade science and social studies, and fourth grade language arts and art. We work totally at our own pace. If she is enjoying the first grade work but needs to spend more time on each lesson then that's what you should do. We don't always finish in one school year. This year we had some family issues in June and moved in August so we never finished science and social studies. We could probably finish social studies by October. Science will take a bit longer because I hate science so much. If we finish it by January Ill be happy. We read the books as they come up in the lessons. We don't leave them all to the end of the year. I would suggest that you hop on over to the Florida Parent Forum as they will know a lot more about Florida laws than I do. I do know that you should list anything that you are reading as part of your portfolio. From what I hear, Florida is a fairly easy state to homeschool in.

    Welcome to time4learning. I hope you enjoy it as much as my son and I do.
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