Hitting a Road Block with T4L- 3rd grade LA and LA extensions
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    Default Hitting a Road Block with T4L- 3rd grade LA and LA extensions

    We have been home schooling for the past 3 years. This has been our first year using Time 4 Learning. My daughter began wanting a lot of independence in her learning late last year and so this year I have let T4L be a stand alone curriculum since she can do more here on her own vs. anything with me being the primary teacher. Up until recently, this has worked great. She would occasionally ask my assistance with things, but she controlled when she wanted my help and for the most part she understood the lessons. We are using the 3rd grade level of LA and LA extensions. In the LA extensions she is to chapter 3 with the grammar lessons and she is really lost. Is it just us or does it seem that T4L really jumps ahead at this point? It's almost like a switch was flipped for her. She complained parts before were too easy and now it's not only too hard, but she cries almost every lesson with frustration. These lessons on grammar just don't feel as comprehensive as previous things did in other subjects and they feel like they are moving waaay to fast. It doesn't help that on some of the things such as the lesson titled five ways to use a comma (3183) it uses other information that she hasn't been taught yet. Specifically the part where they are learning to separate cities from states- kinda hard if you don't know all your states yet. We didn't cover them last year before T4L and they haven't taught it here yet. She is also finding some of the regular LA lessons using the odyssey writer are getting harder and harder too. We are towards the end of chapter 3 there. I looked back at lessons on the 2nd grade level to see if this information was covered previously on T4L and I don't see it anywhere. I know now that we are going to have to start supplementing, in fact my daughter has even started saying she doesn't want to do T4L anymore and wants to go back to me teaching her because she is so lost on the lessons and frustrated. Has anyone else had an issue with this part of the program or have any advice on things to supplement with that would complement the lessons here? She really enjoys the animated lessons as long as she understands them and I hate for her to give up the independence she has really enjoyed thus far.

    Thanks in advance for any replies!

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    I'm so sorry you are struggling with this. There is a definite jump in the learning curve from second grade to third. It is this way in public schools as well. Perhaps she could repeat the lessons. Even if she does them two or three times so that she can understand what is being talked about. When my fourth grader made that jump, it helped for me to read the lessons to him for a while. That way he could focus on what was being said rather than struggling to understand the words. You may want to do some second grade work as well until she is more comfortable with it. There is a wonderful game for the iPhone called Stack the States. It is fun and a great learning tool. She might benefit from that. I don't know if it is available for other types of phones or the iPad or not. I enjoy playing it myself. Don't get Stack the Countries though. It is just too hard, even with a college degree. There are so many countries on there that I have never heard of.

    Another great geogrpahy tool is a series of workbooks. I can't remember the name of them right now but I'm sure you could find them with a google search. You get one state a month. It helps you learn a lot of fun facts about the state and some of the city names and the capitals. USA States or something like that.

    We also did Postcard Kids. It is a yahoo group. You exchange postcards with kids all over the country. We kept the postcards in a notebook and we filled in each state on a map as we received a postcard from it.

    I hope some of these ideas help your daughter. Come back and let us know how things are going.
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