Homeschool mom of older two, 1st time for kindergarten, need help PLS! :) TY!
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    Default Homeschool mom of older two, 1st time for kindergarten, need help PLS! :) TY!

    Hi all! We are from western Mass, and I started homeschooling my older 2 at 2nd and 4th grade, starting with abeka since women from church donated non consumables to us. And we did a hybrid and then for reasons of my not being able to stay on top of abeka with some physical disabilities (degenerative spinal condition, chronic pain) and single mom, life trauma, I felt it best to stick solely with switched on schoolhouse for core subjects so i knew even on my worst day they were getting school. I tend to be an explainer, I constantly bring things to light from TV or news and we discuss and I prompt.I'm just a curious person and try to extend pieces of what's helped me academically to my kids. Now I am re enrolled my senior year full time in neuroscience lol, so we have decided to move my eldest, 13, to a satalite public school, through Monson for any near by, that uses K12,there is the reality that it is secular,and we talk about it and I asked her if she felt ready to handle seeing untruths in her work etc. But it relieved a huge burden. I am such a stickler about sound education and I felt like I couldn't do high school the way I felt i should for her and she only goes one day a week in a single segregated class room and is home for the rest.My other son with PDD-NOS is in 5th grade.

    BUT I have never started a children from kindergarten on up and that only is scary of course many of you may know. and I think it's fair to say that in all her wonderful fearfully made design she would prove to be a challenge to an experienced kindergarten homeschooling mom haha. She is a JOY, she truly is an exhorter by nature and gifted in intellectual inquiry and curiosity. She understands the inner workings of things she frankly shouldn't. She has poor or little phonics skills, because she is too annoyed to sit down and listen when she can add double digits, single digit subtraction, understand equalities without ever having been talk, she just gets numbers, she almost salivates at the sight of them and was bummed my abeka chart only when to 100 lol. She is an intensely deep thinker. When watching a show, secret life of bees, she asked me, at 4, mommy did that lady pass out because her memories and her feelings were too overwhelming for her AHHHH! she is gifted,so I feel incredibly challenged and would love advice from some of your wiser women who have been there

    here are what I hope i can boil down (if you cant tell i too think multifaceted and have trouble communicating otherwise to others, what's in my head lol) she is not a sit still child, so i thought computer would work well. She has been navigating the web(with parent controls) to her poptropica and club penguin sites on her own since she was early 4. So my concern using only abeka was that i might frustrate her. However. Abeka has amazing phonic training K-2nd grade. I've seen it in friends children, even ones with special needs, they could sound out any word you put in front of them, and i believe due to Abekas layout for k-2. I purchased the books, but the matt seems very below her. I am willing to devote that extra time to using abeka for her if she needs it no matter what it takes, but i felt in my gut she needed that abeka structure, BUT an additional computer aspect. I have been torn between T4L and abc mouse.frankly today was day 1 of testing both side by side. She ADORED abc mouses ticket system, the phonics was basic but fun, chants, music etc so she got those foundations on a and b and enjoyed...then WHAM, to get to the next phonics level tomorrow she had to finish math, numbers 1-5 lesson and it truly was boring and painstaking and she only tolerated it because she earned tickets to buy clothes haha

    I liked how time for learning has it laid out, the lesson plans, learning terms of position, etc...she needs to get through some of that, even if it makes sense to her because she needs to know terms like vertical, horizontal etc..but to put in perspective, she whipped through the first two session of first grade, aces all quizzes and was bored. But in my mind it's not a good foundation to just start her there. ABC mouse will hold her back and is not structured enough. I really feel like because of her behavioral tendencies to be a train wreck and wild woman, school must have a component of structure for her own well being whether she like it or not. but i feel lost in T4L trying to hand pick assignments? is that the best i can do...let her "play" on abc mouse because of that good letter recognition she's getting from the songs she relates to, the ticket rewards and shopping...and force the structure of a combo of time for learning with abeka

    scrap T4L and just use abeka? haha I feel a little confused because of her extreme giftedness in areas, she's just bored and the worst personality type to be bored. but she needs to make sure she has foundation just in case she doesn't know some K concepts...I don't want to lose her love in school so early by forcing her to be bored, but i want to be a diligent parent and teach her there is some work and it develops you to be a good grownup. I have the same issue with abeka math being too easy but at least with the sheets in front of me I don't fee as lost as I do trying to figure out a T4L activity schedule that will work for her

    so I realize this email is a ramble, and well i am confused. I feel like if I try to do all three methods i will be pushing too much time of learning, i don't want her to frustrate early on, I am very gifted in academic things and i remember what that did to me, by highschool, even jr high i felt dumb and useless and wanted out. Mostly because i was in constant trouble for being bored. Do you think it I had a better handle on T4L I wouldn't feel so confused. Is there a better or best way to pick and choose assignments when you are starting a gifted child from scratch? a good way to combine techniques for someone who is on the go. Should i start with the structure issue, pick abeka and do it, and then integrate the others, or let her for fun do abc mouse on her own and not stress about the lack of challenge in math (our family has sadly lost too much structure and it's something we ALL need, but especially her because it brings out her behavior problems when not so)

    haha at this rate any advice? for a gifted, on the go, wild woman sweetie starting kindergarten ahead in math and a starter in phonics? I know, thank god THIS is the beauty of homeschool and I am grateful i can even have options to seek out. I just want to make sure I do my best job for her. So any thoughts are welcome on organization or a better way to use T4L from more experienced users.

    and thanks for being patient through the ramble

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    I did not use T4L for phonics, so I can't really compare for you. I am familiar with ABeka.

    I will give the best answer I can re a child who is ahead in math. I had that child. I would let her do whatever math level she is ready for at whatever speed she wants to do it. With T4L you can choose different levels for math.

    For phonics we used CLE Learning to Read and LA1. I liked the giant flashcards. My little man could see them from the trampoline. It worked for us. I like the structure and would use it again. If you like the structure of ABeka, go for it. Use it as the spine, and let the others be for fun and reinforcement. We used some other things alongside CLE.

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