Homeschool Parents help me help my son!!!
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Thread: Homeschool Parents help me help my son!!!

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    Exclamation Homeschool Parents help me help my son!!!

    If there is anyone who can help us, we will be forever greatful. Because my Husband is ill with cronic liver disease we had to go to several different hospitals in the last 2 months. Medical bills broke us and it has been very hard to find medical treatment for my husband. There are so many new guidelines for PPOs very few will take our coverage. In the middle of this hospital merry-go-round is my 8th grade 14 year old son, Eric. He is an above average student. Eric has always been on honor roll until his dad got real sick. Now this year he attended small town public school the entire first semester. since the beginning of the second semester we have been on the road. I started homeschooling Eric when I realized we were going to be moving alot. I have no idea what I am doing. I need guidance. I know we are behind. I have not been able to get him on a schedule that will work. How do I get the assignments for the 2nd semester. I don't want him to fail 8th grade because his dad is sick. I went to lesson planning and made a schedule but I think it is for a whole year. he has been working on assignments every day. It is just that I do not know how and where to begin. We are on our way to Mississippi and we will be there for the remander of this school year. Can anyone give me direction. I pray to God someone will take on this task.Sincerely,Lynnette C., glcplcelc

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    I am sure someone from the Time4Learning staff would better answer this but you can view your lesson plans and see how many chapters there are and look over the material to get an idea of what your son has already covered/needs to cover. I don't know if it's advisable to just split it down the center and do the second half but at least you can use that list as some type of reference.

    Mostly I am replying because I noticed you said Mississippi. Don't forget to check out the state forums and perhaps join a MS homeschool group. I live in Miss. myself. Good luck!!

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    Thanks for the great advice Olive. What I would do is start at the beginning of the year, but only do the chapter tests. If he scores well on the test than move on to the next chapter. If he does not do well you cn back up and do the material and then take the test again. Definitely go to the Mississippi Parent Forums. Let us know if you have any other questions.
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