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    Default Homeschooling 7th Grader Mid Year


    I have a 13 year old son who is currently in 7th grade at a public school. We are thinking of homeschooling purely for the fact of helping him get caught up to grade level. He is currently 1 to 2 years behind grade level in all subjects. The pace of the public school classes is also becoming a bit much for him and each night we have tears because he simply cannot keep up with the work. And this is with me helping him for hours each night. No joke. Hours. In effect he is in class from 9 am to 4 pm then we study and do homework from 5 pm to 9 pm. He is miserable. Anyways, I am getting off topic here .

    We are very interested in doing the T4L program. One question I have is, how do I know what grade level to start him at in each subject? Is there a placement quiz for him to take? Or is it trial and error?

    Another question I have is, we will be pulling him from school midyear. Are there any suggestions from those who have done that with their children? I know I have to send an "official" letter to the school (we live in Indiana) notifying them of our decision to homeschool, and I can request his school records if I would like them, and I may also report his homeschooling to the IDOE. He does have an IEP. Does anyone forsee any problems from the public school system because he does have an IEP? Can the public schools keep me from homeschooling him because he has an IEP? He did pass IMAST (IEP equivalent of ISTEP this past spring.

    Finally, if this would help my son has been diagnosed several years ago with ADD and CAPD.

    Thanks for any help!


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    Hi you can go to T4l lesson plans ~> Lesson Plans - Scope & Sequence they give you a break down of each grade/subject. If your still having trouble deciding where your child fits I am sure you could call T4L and they could help you narrow down a grade to try and start at.
    That is one of the best things IMO about Time4Learning. They make it easy to switch grades to fit your kid and they give you 3 different grades to go back and forth to at one time. Honestly all you can do is to try and pick where you think your child is and if its to hard then go back a grade till you notice he knows what he is doing then go up one...or if its too easy keep going up till it gets harder for him...Each subject might need a different grade level too, but like I said you get access to 3 diffrent grade levels for all subjects at once so its okay for him to be 5th on something 6th on another ect ;-)
    ~I dont live in Indiana so I wont be much help there..I do know T4L has a state specific boards, so I would go see if any one in the "Indiana" board might be able to help ..
    Roadschooling Mom to DD & DS

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    hey Crystal, we just pulled the kids out of school too. Altho we had usd t4l and hs in the past. All three of our kids are on IEPs, here in WA state, and also when we hs in GA there was no issue with us taking them out, I don't see why there would be. Go to your school district, ask what you have to do, and that's it. Our eldest is slightly autistic and adhd. We just break the day up for her, so many lessons, then do something else, then come back. That way she is not overwhelmed with schoolwork. She is way more relaxed at home, and the temper tantrums have diminished. I agree with the other poster, just try a level, and figure it out from there. If it is too easy, esp for like math, you can just burn thru that level if you are worried he didn't like get all the skills from 5th grade or something, then progress to 6th. Will boost his condifence to do well as well! good luck!

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    Hellon there..
    We, too just pulled our kids outof p/s right after Thanksgiving. they both have IEP's for gifted/advanced. My middle schooler was also in IMAST. There is no problem pulling them in FL. Just the opposite, their IEP's are good for 3 years, so if I ever choose to put them back in school, they would go back into gifted/advanced with out retesting so long as it is in the 3 years of their original IEP.
    Good luck and hope t4l has been going good for you so far.....we LOVE it!!!

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