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    I was told by another parent that you can homeschool your child online through JCPS and it's free. She could not recall the name of the program. Does anyone else know anything about this?

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    H, MommaC. I'm not familiar with JCPS. It sounds like it might be online public school through your school district. If you click on the State Groups tab at the top of this page to join the Kentucky group, you can talk with other parents in your area who might be familiar with this program.

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    i think its the JCPS eSchool FAQ
    here ill paste a reply from one of homeschool mom's about the 'online public school'

    'Be careful here. If you enroll *at all* you surrender your status as a private
    school in the state of Kentucky. I don't think that it matters much which
    county that you live within. Also, if you end up getting sideways with CPS,
    for any reason whatever; none of the homeschoolers' legal defense groups that I
    have ever heard of will represent you. The main reason is that, once you
    enroll, you are no longer a homeschooler *legally*. You have joined the public
    school system of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, to every extent that such a
    legal event should imply. I know that I'm often the 'wet blanket' here with
    subjects such as this, but I know of what I speak. Do not assume that you have
    a Fourth Amendment right within your own home. Because if you enroll, then
    your home has become an extension of the public school district, and it is
    doubtful that a challenge of an illegal search of your property would be
    successful. Also, don't assume that if you are innocent that the system will
    work things out. There are many enemies of homeschooling left in our
    communities, who consider us subversives for this fact alone. Many of those
    same people work in local government, or have the attention of those who work
    in local government. (Such as the Teachers' Union)

    And always keep in mind, that free to you, does not always mean that it is
    free. There is no such thing as a free lunch. You will always give up
    something in exchange.

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