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    Default how should i setup

    i would like to know how do i set up my 4th-5th graders lessons how many lessons should she do a day i thought it would be set up like that im sorry i love this site all ready and want to get the best out of it for her any help and i would be very grateful

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    Most people take the number of lessons for each subject and divide by the number of days they intend to have school during the year. For instance, fourth grade langauge arts has 121 lessons. If you are going to school four days per week for 32 weeks that would be 128 days of school. So you would do 1 lesson almost every day. You could skip a couple of days or you could redo a lesson or a few if you are having trouble with them. We do school about three days a week if we don[t have any outside activities planned. But we do as many lessons in each subject as my son's attention span will allow. I try to do some language arts and math every day. If we do the other subjects once or twice a week I'm fine with that. Remember that all those outside activities count as school activities too.

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