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    Default I need help!!!!

    I have decided to homeschool my two boys, ages 12 and 10. Both of them were in the special education program. The problem is is that they were both being bullied, and I kept fighting with the school to stop the bullying. My 10 year old got to the point where he ended up cutting himself because he could no longer take it. So as a mom I feel they are better off getting a real education and not feel threatened. My problem is I don't know where to start!!! If anyone could lead me in the right direction that would be great and appreciated.

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    Start by taking a few deep breaths. Pour yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea and spend some time reading through some of the forums. It is hard to give particulars when I don't know which state you are in. At the top of this page you will see a drop down menu that says State Forums. Click on that and then click on the link for your state. Find out what your state laws are so you can know you are in compliance. Choose a curriculum. For us, it has been time4learning. We have used this program since preK and still love it. My son is now 10 years old. Then enjoy being home with your kids. It's a great way to live and learn together.

    Feel free to come back with any specific questions you might have.
    Kathi Homeschooling Mama to Twelve year old Dakota

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