Im new and nervous-can i really do this?
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    Default Im new and nervous-can i really do this?

    My 5 year old daughter was having so many problems in school. She told me her teacher even grabbed her a couple times. I know she is very difficult but I was shocked when I heard all the stories from my daughter. I know not to believe all that a 5 year old says but I have dealt with her one too many times-she has been very rude. my daughter has auditory processing disorder. She is has a hard time in school but she is really smart. I am just worried about teaching her well and keeping her attention.

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    I think you will find the interactive games on time4learning will be good for holding her attention. I always say my son has the attention span of a gnat. This way of learning is good for him. I also find it helps to give lots of short breaks. He might work for 15 minutes and then run around the house for five mintues. Then he can work another 15 minutes before he is ready to go get a snack. Keep the actual work time short. Also remember that she will not need to sit at a desk for 7 hours a day. In school a lot of time is wasted by taking attendance, lining up to go to the bathroom, recess, the library, lunch, and more bathroom breaks. Then the teacher has to get everyone back on task after each of these disruptions. I have heard it said that in the average school day the only do school work for 30 minutes. If she does an hour's worth of work during a day, she's doing great. Other things count as school work as well, helping with cooking, shopping, cleaning. Reading stories and playing games all count. Don't push yourself or her too much, especially in the beginning. She's been through a difficult situation. She needs a break from it. Remember, children are meant to be seen and heard and believed.
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