Kindergarten to first grade
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    Default Kindergarten to first grade

    We are starting back up next week after about a 3 week break. This is my first yr, and started over the summer. I have my almost 6yr.old tomorrow on kindergarten. My question is if we get done with kindergarten before I have to do evaluation next Aug. and we start 1st grade middle of our yr. do you know if they have to complete a grade before evaluation? Which I guess she would have completed kindergarten huh? Lol. I wanted to start first grade this month because most of summer seemed to be a review from pre k public school last yr, but as looked ahead on lesson plans think we should stick with kindergarten for right now.

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    That's a tough question. I would jump over to the Florida Parent Forum if I were you and ask what they think. They would be more familiar with Florida rules than I am.
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