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    Default LA Extensions and Odyssey Writer

    Hi, we are new to T4L but love it so far. We have a core program and supplement with T4L for math and LA (1st & 5th grd). I had never really heard about LA Ext until T4L and my daughter(5th grd) gets pretty bored with it. She knows most of the stuff they tell her to do so I don't make her type or write everything it says. She does, however love LA, probably because it is more fun.
    When there are assignments should I have her do them in the Odyssey Writer and turn them in? I'm a little confused about the Odyeesy Writer. Do they let the students know when they need to use it or is it personal preference?
    Maybe she could work ahead on LA and then do LA Ext when LA is done for the year?
    Thanks for your suggestions

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    Odyssey Writer starts being used near the middle of third grade. It will automatically pop up when a writing assignment is given. Your student should save her work if she needs to do it in more than one sitting. When she is finished, she should click "Hand In". This doesn't actually hand her work in to anyone, but it causes it to be marked as Complete and to show up on her reports. When you notice an Odyssey Writer assignment in her reports, you should print it directly from the report and grade it manually.

    My personal recommendation for language arts and language arts extensions is for students below third grade to do all of the language arts and then do the extensions. From third grade up, I recommend that students do the language arts and the extensions together (such as one language arts and one or two extensions per day). I also recommend that students from 4th-6th grade take advantage of the spelling and vocabulary lessons in the language arts extensions, going through one spelling or vocabulary lesson activity per week. Because these are formatted differently than the other lessons, a student will do one or two "pages" of these activities each day, instead of a whole activity.

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