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    I see at the top of the homepage there are icons for 3 levels. For example, we're doing grade 1, but there are options to do level K and 2. Is this in case we want to move to a higher level?

    Also, we are in South Africa and so haven't covered the money section in Maths. Is this going to be a problem later?


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    yes, the levels that you see at the top of the page are in case you want to move up or down a level temporarily. Sometimes the work is just too easy or too hars for your child and you want too see how they would do going up or down a level. Then if you want to make a permanent change you can go to the parent admin page and change their level. As far as skipping the money section. Thie is not a problem. This section is just not addressed when you print out the total scores for the course. It does not count against the student.
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