Looking for Homeschool in Inland Empire, Ca.
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    Default Looking for Homeschool in Inland Empire, Ca.

    Hello, I am trying this program out with my son to see how he does with it. We currently use the CAVA (california virtual academy). However, if I want to use this program alone I will have to be an indepent homeschooler, or find a cover school..or ISP. I really want to be able to guide my sons curriculum as he has special needs, but need someone who does all the paperwork etc..to make sure we are legal etc. Any suggestions from anyone in my area would be greatly appreciated.

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    The paperwork in California is not difficult- my understanding is that you fill out a form once a year, online, and, well, really that's about it. There are records you need to keep, yourself, but no one ever looks at them, ever, and it's not much, anyway: attendance, teachers' names, courses of study.

    About the records needed:

    A link to a PDF file of "just the facts", which goes through how to file the private school affidavit, is here:

    I can't really imagine a reason to pay someone just to avoid these requirements.

    [I'm not in your area, but I'm from California and hope to live there again]

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    Hi there!

    I live in the IE and my oldest son is in CAVA!!! I wonder if we have seen each other at one of the testing sites?

    Anyway, my middle two sons decided they also wanted to do CAVA so they are signed up for next year but my youngest son will be doing T4L and some other books/workbooks that I found for him. I like the idea of CAVA as far as the planning and legalities, however, I LOVE the freedom of being able to guide their education rather than have to mold them to the state "standards".

    I wanted all 4 of them to be out of the public school system, but the middle two wanted to try CAVA and my oldest is getting ready for high school. We may try to hs through high school w/o CAVA depending on how our meeting goes w/our teacher next week. (long story).

    There are a lot of good websites with info. on how to hs in CA. I joined the Homeschool Legal Defense Association because they have a ton of useful info. and they will help if the school or anybody else trys to cause problems w/us homeschooling. Another great source is the California Homeschool Network.

    Good luck!

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    There's some info provided by Time4Learning on California Homeschooling that might be useful.

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