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    Default Lots of questions :)

    Hi- We are new to homeschooling and I just want to make sure that I am doing everything "required" by the state of Georgia for my child's schooling to be accredited. I don't know exactly what the laws are. I know that I am supposed to fill out a new intent form once a year and turn in attendance. Also, is she required to read every book on the reading list, or can I choose a book per lesson? And are we required to do ALL the science projects that the curriculum speaks of in the lessons? Which grade do i go by to determine if she is passing the class overall?

    I feel like we are over doing but then I feel like we are not doing enough...lol

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    Ask over in the GA forum. Each state is different.
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    In Georgia you have to file a notice of intent and you have to submit attendance records for your child. you are also require to have your child tested every three years beginning in 3rd grade. But you are not required to turn in the results of this testing. You just keep them on file for your own use. And you must write an annual progress report. But again you do not turn this in. You just keep it in your files.

    As Mandy said the Georgia Parent Forums would be a great resource of you. You might also want to check out Georgia laws for yourself. feel free to come back here or to the Georgia Forums to ask any questions you might have.
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