Moving my daughter to 9th grade HELP!
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    Default Moving my daughter to 9th grade HELP!

    OK ladies we have decided to move my DD13 to 9th grade this year under an umbrella school. The items I had planned for her are considered 9th grade work (well most anyhow) so it might as well count towards her credits rather than not. I am pretty positive we will stay with T4L for a few things.......I just have a few questions.

    Is the 8th grade Math considered a Pre-Algebra course? I know the Algebra is available also but I am trying to not get to ahead of ourselves. My DD13 has dyscalculia and always struggles in Math.

    She will need to write papers.......ugh! I am thinking using the LA program will assist us with this since each one has the writing lesson.......I can write a paper but find it hard to teach exactly how to write one.

    She also needs some grammar......I am thinking the Level 8 LAX can help me there.

    (can you see the pattern.........I don't want to leave T4L just yet. And I feel most of the items in 8th grade are pretty advanced in comparison to what our state needs for HS! lol)

    We also need a physical science..........I am thinking I can use the 6th grade Properties of matter, Energy Force & Motion, Electricity & Magnetism........

    So what do ya'll think. Does this sound feasible?
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    Sounds really good to me, A ... I think you might just be on a roll!! I can't think of anything else, but she's ahead of my crew.
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    Sounds like you have a great plan Adria. You might want to think about Time4Writing. It is a short term writing course that sounds like it would benifit your daughter a lot. There is a forum dedicated to Time4Writing. I think a lot of the math skills in the lower grades are geared toward preparing children for algebra. So your daughter may be ready for it in ninth grade. You can look over the algebra scope and sequence and see if you think your daughter is ready for it. We have enjoyed some great science classes from SuperCharged Science. THey are a bit pricey but may supplement what she is learning with time4learning.

    I totally understand about not wanting to leave time4learning. My son is only in 4th grade, but I already worry about what we will do when he goes into his high school years. It sets me into a total panic. I am so hoping that by then time4learning will have expanded into high school. We have been so happy with this program for the last four years. I don't want to give it up either.
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