must we finish all the activities
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    Default must we finish all the activities

    I am a 72 yr old gramma of a 13 yr old boy. His mother died 6 years ago so I live with my son and take care of my grandson. We have been homeschooling but because of Hurricane Sandy that wiped out our home we have not had a permanent place to live so have fallen behind in the lessons. I need to know if we must complete all the activities before he can say he has finished 6th grade.

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    Hi Gramma. Welcome to the Parent Forums at Time4Learning. I am a much older mom with a ten year old son so I can relate to some of your experience. We also got behind a bit because of the hurricane. But we were fortunate to not have any damage to our home. I know how unresponsive the government has been in this situation and I wish you the best as you continue to work through it.

    You do not have to finish all of the lessons to consider that you have finished the grade. What is important is that he understand all of the concepts. I know that sometimes they will repeat and repeat the same information. If you feel that your grandson understands the information feel free to skip the repeat lessons. It does not count against his overall final grade. One of the great things about living in New Jersey is that you are not accountable to anyone for how much work you do during the school year. The flexibility of time4learning is also so wonderful. If you decide to skip something this year and then next year you discover that he really doesn't understand the material you can drop back to the previous year just for the material that he needs to go over again.

    Please stop on over at the New Jersey Parent Forum and introduce yourself. There are many many Jersey families over there.
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